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The Crucial Importance of Second Chances

“Employment is critical to reducing the vicious cycle of incarceration and re-offending.” Richard Branson

Words from a Criminologist…

Ellie Hinder is a Justice & Criminology MA student. During her studies, she decided to use the Street2Boardroom initiative as a research point for her dissertation. We caught up with Ellie to find out what she learned, and to gain insight into her well-informed view of the current justice system.

S2B Stories: Ki

‘Street2Boardroom Stories’ features interviews with people who have taken part in our Legal Hustle business course. The Legal Hustle is a mentoring program for young people with a checkered past who want to become successful business entrepreneurs.

The Positive Effects of Hiring Ex-Offenders

Access to meaningful employment is crucial for those re-entering society. Securing a job and a place to live are the main barriers that prevent someone’s ability to realise their potential once they have a criminal record.

“It’s Not Where You Come From, It’s Where You’re Going”

Your background and where you come from doesn’t have to be a barrier to your success. The system can feel like some people have been given a head start in a race and it’s the job of others to catch them up.