Street 2 Boardgame! - Street2Boardroom

Here at Street2Boardroom, we’ve been busy behind the scenes – designing and creating a board game!

The game is based on our overarching mission: to challenge the unhelpful and damaging assumptions about people from the ‘street’ – their talents, aspirations and capabilities.

We will launch and release Street2Boardroom: The Board Game in 2023.




We guide former offenders and teach them how to use their street skills to build a new start.

We help people who have engaged in street crime to excel in business and wider society.

As well as this, we inspire young, hard-to-reach kids to earn money legally.

The aim of the game

The game objective is to build your business from the streets to the boardroom, all while maintaining your work/life balance and general happiness.

For example: Player one starts as a Rapper (Street) to become a Record Company owner (Boardroom).

Player two starts as a Social Media Freelancer (Street) to become a Marketing Agency Owner (Boardroom).

In each round, the players take it in turns to place a footwear game piece on the board. Once all players have used their Footwear, a new round of play starts.

The winner is the person with the highest score, unless that player has the highest unhappiness level, in which case the winner will be the player with the next highest score.

Clayton Planter, Founder of Street2Boardroom says: after 3 and half years, the board game is finally out! Street2Boardroom: the board game. The journey wasn’t easy, with a lot of ups and downs. My advice to anyone who is on a journey – keep the faith, keep the vision.

Street2Boardroom: The Boardgame will be available to purchase from 2023.

Stay tuned!