Street vs Business Lingo - Street2Boardroom

Changing and challenging perceptions of people from disadvantaged backgrounds is our main goal at Street2Boardroom.

In general, underprivileged people have access to fewer opportunities and low expectations from wider society.

We are here to show that street business operations aren’t all that different from the legal corporate world.

People who have been involved in street crime and making money on the streets will know all to well that the words used may be different to those in business, but the goals, aims and operations are essentially the same.

When we collectively remove our unconscious biases and look at what the goal for both parties is, it’s to make money. Each of them need a product/service, a leader, teams and departments, marketing and customer service in order to operate successfully.

The same goes for any business, you need to know your competition and target the right audiences.

Therefore, those who have made their money on the streets have the core skills needed to transform them.