Street2Boardroom Invests in Luxury Vegan Brand - Street2Boardroom

We are delighted to announce that we have invested in Amschela, a luxury handbag brand based in Redland, Bristol.

Amschela specialises in vegan, recycled, sustainable handbags.

The brand was founded by Keri Andriana, a former lawyer and graduate of both the University of Bristol and UWE.

Keri secured the investment as part of a Series A funding round. She is now one of an elite group of UK-based, black businesswomen to secure Series A capital investment.

Keri Andriana (image: Amschela)

Originally, the brand started as a part-time endeavour. Keri told Bristol24/7 how Amschela was only supposed to be an Instagram shop ‘side-hustle’.

Since then, Amschela has showcased at London Fashion Week for three consecutive years, and has been featured in many leading publications, including British Vogue, Tatler, Vanity Fair UK and British GQ.

Where we come in

Street2Boardroom Founder, Clayton Planter, is an advisory member on the board of City Funds.

City Funds brings together the public and private sectors, mixing investment, grant-funding & pro bono support to make Bristol a fair, healthy and sustainable city.

We put Amschela forward to The City Funds Board. Off the back of this, the brand received a six-figure investment from Bristol & Bath Regional Capital (BBRC).

The investment will allow Amschela to scale its domestic and international market operations and will enable employment opportunities to young people across the South West.

Amschela acts as a leader of change by providing real opportunities to young people who face barriers to access the fashion industry.

Keri, Founder of Amschela says: “I am extremely grateful for the overwhelming support that the brand has received from the investment team as we now look to scale and grow the brand.”

Clayton, Founder of Street2Boardroom says: “As a new member of the City Funds advisory board, Amschela was the first business I put forward.

“We chose to invest in Amschela because we believe in Keri. For female entrepreneurs, it’s very very hard to get an investment. Only around 2% of female entrepreneurs get financial support. Which is not good enough!

I’ve made it my mission to do things differently and not follow the status quo. Everybody has greatness within, they just need the opportunity.”

We’re very excited to see Amschela grow and thrive. Congratulations Keri and Amschela!