Street2Boardroom | Helping Ex-Offenders Thrive In Business

Imagine if people caught up on a path of crime believed that they could achieve greatness. That they could use what they have learnt from the streets and apply those skills to the business world.

We help people who have engaged in street crime to excel in business and wider society.

Street2Boardroom was born in 2016, when founder, Clayton Planter recognised that the current system repeatedly rejected certain types of people; preventing them from reaching their full potentials, from finding positive role models that they could genuinely relate to and ultimately re-joining society.

Clayton has a successful track record in working with young people and adults from the streets, urban neighbourhoods, ghettos, projects and disadvantaged backgrounds 👉🏾



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3rd July 2023 Help Sustain Street2Boardroom: Fundraiser

  Welcome to our crowdfunding campaign for Street2Boardroom. After seven years of working in the community, we find ourselves in a position where we need your help to continue the important work we do.

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