Car Boot Hustle: The Course - Street2Boardroom

The car-boot hustle is a 5-week course designed for young people from disadvantaged communities who lack opportunity around them.

Here at Street2Boardroom, we organise a local car-boot sale for them to run. The young people sell products and get to keep the profit they make.

This event encourages youth to channel their energy into something positive that gives back to the community and benefits themselves.



Why the course was created

Designed with Street2Boardroom’s ethos in mind, it is our mission to challenge the unhelpful and damaging assumptions about people from the ‘street’ – their talents, aspirations and capabilities.

Founder, Clayton Planter says:

“People from disadvantaged backgrounds just need that initial confidence boost to tell them that they can do it – that they can thrive. The big message is always that it’s not where you come from, it’s where you’re going that matters.”

The benefits

  • Promotes sustainability by encouraging recycling and reuse
  • Introduces money-making and entrepreneurship
  • Benefits the local community

How it works

The course runs for 5 weeks. During each session, 6 young people spend 3-4 hours per week learning. They are put into two teams of 3.

We mentor participants for 4 weeks before they start selling.

In teams of 3, the course participants will run a local car boot sale where they get to keep the profits they make.

The schedule

Week 1: An introduction to car-boot sales

Week 2: How to bargain hunt

Week 3: Hustling from family and friends

Week 4: Pricing and profit

Week 5: Car-boot sale day

How to get involved

The course aims to encourage and inspire young people to learn, engage and give back to the community.

If you’d like to refer a young person to the Car-Boot Hustle, please contact Clayton to learn more.

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