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Clayton Planter, Founder & CEO

Clayton works with people from the streets, urban neighbourhoods and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Growing up, his heroes were the local boss men with the money and the lifestyle. His mother, however, had other ideas and secured him a place at a good school in a well-to-do area of the city.

Clayton excelled and carved out a decent career for himself. But he saw his friends not doing so well and getting into trouble with the law – making it even harder to get good jobs. Desperate to do something about the issue, he founded Street2Boardroom. Clayton is able to operate in the business world whilst also connecting with people in the streets.

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Kathryn Strachecky, Education Director

Kathryn is passionate about inspiring change and helping people be the best that they can be. She has worked with people at all levels; from bishops and CEOs to the homeless and to disadvantaged young people with complex need.

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Michael Earle, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Director

Michael is a qualified childcare Social Worker with over 15 years experience. He deals with all safeguarding, wellbeing and mental health issues. Driven to help people, Michael shows them how to engage in simple practices that can enhance and improve their wellbeing at work and in their personal lives.

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Chris Park, Finance and Sponsorship Advisor

Chris helps assists Street2Boardroom with our business plan and sponsorship package. Chris is a leader and specialist with over two decades origination experience in both Corporate and Investment Banking.

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Michael Herford, Criminal Law Advisor 

Michael specialises in criminal law and is dedicated to representing clients on a wide range of the most serious and complex cases, often involving multiple defendants, many of which have been reported in the national press over the years.

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Graeme Percy, Accountant Advisor

Graeme manages our accounts as well as our annual draft, before sending it off to Bristol Community Accountancy to be finalised and submitted. Graeme is qualified Chartered Management Accountant with over 20 years experience in the finance industry.

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Clinton Walker, Programme Trainer

Clinton leads Learn The Legal Hustle, our 4-week business course. After leaving school, Clinton found himself at a dead end with no aspirations and peers and role models involved in criminality, so he naturally gravitated towards it. He was fortunate enough to not be convicted and decided to make takes some positive steps in his life and began working with vulnerable groups and went on to facilitate groups at the young person’s institute.

Ollie Collard, Programme Trainer

Together with Clinton, Ollie runs Learn The Legal Hustle, our 4-week business course. Ollie is founder of Enterprise Orchard and the Founded & Grounded podcast. Ollie has a wealth of experience working with start-ups he has supported with Virgin StartUp, The Prince’s Trust, Business West and Oxford Innovation.

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Beth Doherty, Social Media Manager

Beth takes care of Street2Boardroom’s social media channels and digital content. Beth specialises in a broad range of services; content marketing, social media management, branded design and copywriting.

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Rosie Cribb, Fundraiser

Rosie helps Street2Boardroom with funding grants and tender contracts. Rosie is passionate about supporting organisations to become the ‘best versions of themselves’.

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