StartUp Disruptors Partners with Street2Boardroom | News

StartUp Disruptors has partnered with Street2Boardroom to work with us on a mission to change the landscape of business support for good.

StartUp Disruptors is an online business and community incubator that started in a Portsmouth pub in 2016. You can learn more about how they started with the support of the University of Portsmouth Business school here.

“The ultimate aim of the partnership with Street2Boardroom is to address the inequality and under-representation of minority voices in business in the UK and we are super excited to be part of things.”

StartUp Disruptors grew from 9 people meeting in a pub to discuss poor local business support and provision to now supporting over 5000 people from across the UK to start and scale businesses from home. Raising millions in funding and helping communities to gain private and public sector investment with our sponsors and partners; they started from the kitchen table, so they know what it takes!

With a focus on assisting and showcasing women, neurodivergent people, and minorities to be heard; whilst providing a first of its kind entrepreneurship education experience, backed by the serious corporate weight of UK universities, corporate private sector companies, and SME sponsors from all across the globe for mentoring, networking and online learning in a judgement-free way, they have changed the landscape of national business support and are growing rapidly as they continue their journey to ultimately become a BCORP business.

Our partnership will help under-represented communities and people to world-class funding, mentoring, and support in a founder-to-founder-led subscription community, where pricing for access for first-time entrepreneurs starts from just £19.99 a month on a cancel anytime coaching plan.

Find out more on StartUp Disruptors social channels – search StartUp Disruptors or visit the Founder’s profile on LinkedIn and connect with her today.