Street2Boardroom Partners with Breakthrough - Street2Boardroom

We are proud to announce that we have officially partnered with Breakthrough – the UK’s first apprenticeship provider to recruit future leaders directly from prison.

Breakthrough is a social enterprise that selects exceptional prison leavers and provides them with expert training to bring inspiring, diverse talent to businesses through our fully-supported pre-apprenticeships.

We work with technology and business partners to provide exceptional pre-apprenticeship training.

The programme includes the soft skills that all careers value, alongside the specific technical skills that are required for the apprenticeship. This includes product and project management, software development, data analysis and web application structure.

After the pre-apprenticeship programme we move our Associates into tech and business employment or apprenticeships, paying at least £22k. During this time we continue to support them, by providing pastoral and business coaching for two years.

The apprenticeships roles we offer include: Software Development Technician, Information Communications Technician, Digital Support Technician and Business Administrator.

This will earn them a Level 3 qualification in their chosen apprenticeship role, opening many doors for career development in their industries.