What We Do | Street2Boardroom

We guide former offenders and teach them how to use their street skills to build a new start.

We help people who have engaged in street crime to excel in business and wider society. We do this by mentoring them to set up a business alone successfully, as well as introducing them to corporate jobs within a range of business sectors.

As well as this, we inspire young, hard-to-reach kids to earn money legally. Our networking events bridge two worlds and open up career opportunities to develop local inclusion within Bristol’s workforce.

Our 4-week motivational business programme teaches participants the initial skills needed to set up their own business.

The course covers a variety of business subjects, including financial support, marketing, street business versus corporate business, business jargon, and more. Members also benefit from inspirational talks led by successful people who they can relate to. The course takes place in a corporate environment between the hours of 9-5pm.

We may seem the crazy ones, but in a crazy world, we are the sane genius who dare to disrupt the status quo. We believe that societies and communities work best when people are true to themselves and are free to express —because if we were all the same, we would never evolve. Everybody, regardless of background, has greatness within; it’s time to start unlocking that. It’s about inclusion, as well as diversity.

It’s not where you come from that counts,  it’s where you’re going.

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