Car Boot Hustle Project Inspires 12 year old to start own business

A 12-year-old has been inspired to start his own resale business after taking part in Street2Boardroom’s car boot hustle project.

The Car Boot Hustle five-week scheme, set up by Street2Boardroom Founder, Clayton Planter, invites two teams aged 12-15, to resell auction or warehouse items.

Jahkai took part in the session during the summer holidays in 2022.

Clayton said the scheme gave the team “entrepreneurial spirit” and an opportunity to “believe in themselves”.

Jahkai, 12, said he “really enjoyed” it and even started his own business afterwards.

“It inspired me a lot to start selling clothes. I go to the charity shop and get stuff cheap in the posh areas and then make the things I buy nice and clean,” he said.

“In the project we went to a junk man, he has stuff that he doesn’t want anymore and you buy it for cheap.”

“I was able to choose my thing. I learnt that records sell really well at a car boot.”

He said he had never done anything like it before and quickly learned he was a “good salesperson”.

“I’d like to say thank you to Clayton for giving me the opportunity,” he added.

His mother, Jessica, said her son had really enjoyed taking part, adding: “More needs to be done with these kids to show that money can be made in an honest way.

“It’s a way of keeping them off the streets.”

“Jahkai was very eager and was up and gone early in the morning. I think he needed it.”
















Street2Boardroom Founder, Clayton, said the project gave the participants “entrepreneurial spirit” and “confidence”and the young people who took part “got out of their comfort zones”.

“They started to believe in themselves more. They realised it’s hard work but did it,” he said.

“On a Sunday, when most young people want to play games and see friends, they had to get to the adventure playground for 6am.

“We were surprised. It worked and got them off of their phones, learning how to start a business and up in the early hours to work and interact with the community.”

“I’m very proud of all the people that took part.

We’re now looking for more sponsors to keep the project going.

Peter De Boer from Bristol City Council, who sponsored the scheme, said the young people had “flourished” in the scheme.

“It was great to see them get up so early on a Sunday morning and great to see them working hard to sell items during the day,” he said.

The young people were also rewarded with a KFC that we used as a debrief and later Clayton led an award evening to recognise their involvement and their skill development.

Mr Planter said he was looking for sponsors to continue the project across the country and planned to turn it into a TV or online series similar to a “bargain hunt for young people”.

The next Car Boot Hustle schemes are set to go ahead between July and September.


Originally reported on BBC News